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Meo Luisa , President of Association Maisonshanti
I was born in 1942 in Roma, and from the earliest years of life, I had a strong spiritual impetus. During the life I never knew a lot of spiritual guidance, but none seemed to suit my needs. Following a sharp pain I was very bad, I almost lose myself completely toth physically and psycally. But I have had a strong protection, and supported by a very good psychologist, I menaged to exit the tunnel. My mental recovery took place, when I discovered the pratice of Yoga:The decisive        of my life was in 1990, when I started attending the Italian Association Transpersonal Psycology, e centre where it’s practiced meditation and other disciplines related to mental physical healt.. The Italian and European Presidente of this Association is Dr. Laura Boggio Gillot, psycolgy and psychotherapist, author of many books, and instructor of Yoga Vedanta Meditation. A this centre I began to annual course of Meditation for 13 years. Still in place of AIPT I attended a two, years  training on “Healing and Spirituality”  under the guidance of Dr., Gillot. From 1992 to 1997 I started a course of “dynamic practice of awarness”  always under the guidance of Dott. Gillot. In 1990 I graduated as a therapist in reflexology . The course was organized and conduced by Futher Sebastian Fabregas, director of the “Fundacio Montoya”, a center of Spanish research of benefits of reflexology. In 1997 I had the pleasure of participating of intensive course  with Prof: Cesare Boni, professor in the University of Naples, the argument was…the Death. Following this meeting I started a training course for the duration of one years, at the Association “Hospice”, wich is responsible for assistance to terminal ill cancer patients. I graduated as a teacher of Eastern disciplines at the Accademy of Oriental Culture of Rome. I pratical yoga for 25 years and teaching for 15 with great love for this disciplines, that has changed my life. I have organized many summer wprkshop always on topic Yoga and Meditation, with the collaboration of well-know professionals. During my life I meet many Italian and foreign Masters, since I was always looking for the “Master” to be entrusted with my life, my education, and be guided in Meditation. And this appened in august 2009, I went to Florence to meet Sri Tathata, the profet of Dharma, his name means “state of absolute perfection”. I recived the first inziation “Dharma Snana” and got spiritual name Lathika. I wrote articles on topics related  to Yoga and healt in various newspapers for many years, and I am writing a book about a novel thecnique in the field of Yoga. I live in house near Rieti and Rome, wich overlooks a  large valley, sourrounded by mountains in full contact with nature. I have  a beautiful garden, and it’s here that the divine energy was manifested by the “Purple Ray” throught a photo taken by my student.